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It has been 10 years since we embarked in Finca Fuentillezjos on the adventure of producing our own organic Manchego Cheese.



It has been an eventful decade, great moments, enthusiasm and, why not saying, some misadventure… already forgotten.



First and foremost, we want to thank you for being by our side during this journey. Come in, join and celebrate it with us. A huge hug from Fuentillezjos Family.

The cheese, organic



We work in a very particular way: a fully organic farm where we make cheese only with organic sheep’s milk from our flock of Manchega sheep breed.



The cheese of Finca Fuentillezjos… a signature cheese, a shepherd’s cheese organic and manchego, but, above all, a cheese which is our philosophy of life.



“GRAN SELECCIÓN” award for the best organic cheese in Castile-La Mancha: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. 2nd prize in Wisconsin, USA, for cheese with rosemary and honey (2010)


a job

“Cofradía Queso Manchego” award for the best Manchego Cheese 2011 (elaborated with pasteurized milk) (2011)



Silver medal - World Cheese Awards, for cheese with rosemary and honey (2012)

Bronze medal - World Cheese Awards, for cheese with rosemary and honey (2015)

2607 employees



We feed them just with cereals and pastures from our organic crops, obtained without using herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and OGM free. We also avoid treatments which imply the use of antibiotics.



Our sheep produce 1 liter of milk per day. Milking is carried out twice a day and we need 6 liters of milk in order to make 1 kg of cheese. Guess how many kilos of cheese do we elaborate per day!



For more than 50 years, Fuentillezjos farm has been dedicated to breed Manchega sheep in a traditional way under organic standards..



In 300 hectares, we harvest enough to feed the herd and we still have plenty of room for the sheep to graze across the farm.


live in

Our lambkins are only fed with breast milk until they are 45 days old: nothing like Mum!

The way we make cheese



The main ingredient, organic milk, comes exclusively from our flocks.It has to be premium quality for us to elaborate our cheeses.



We only use organic milk, rennet, lactic acid bacteria, and salt. We do not use additives neither in the cheese nor in the crust… which you can even eat!!



The main difference among our cheeses has to do with the ripened time (affinage) under controlled conditions.

Our cheese range:





Love for cheese



We love doing things from the heart and making cheese is what we best do. Thus, why not shaping our cheeses as hearts?



Heart shaped version of our fabulous Organic Manchego-BIO marinated in extra-virgin Cornicabra olive oil. It can be either an ideal gift either one more ingredient for a passionate evening.

Pictures, videos and more...

Pics and more pics

All the pics that crossed our minds and much more. There we go!

Ok, we don’t have millions of followers, but you will find funny, smart and chic videos in our YouTube channel.


No doubt you have some query. We’ll manage to answer all of them!

Do not play with food!

The feeding of our sheep is exclusively of organic and vegetable origin. From sustainable agriculture, our crops are obtained without the use of herbicides, pesticides or synthetic chemicals, and never derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO free)

Let others have their say

Video Blog

Want to know what people say about us? Come and see our friends talking by themselves.


Download our catalogue and take a look at it!


We are certified and we do pass all the exams! We are hardworking people!

Gift Box

Whether you love cheese and you share our PASSION FOR CHEESE, whether you just want to make a good impression, do not hesitate to ask for our gift box, a magnificent cardboard box with a distinctive design feature which will allow you to keep thereafter your most valuable stuff!

We are what we are

The history of Finca Fuentillezjos and its organic manchego cheese goes back in the past, half a century, wow! So many experiences during all this time!! Sadly, we do not keep the car anymore.

Our raison d’être has always been the breeding of organic Manchega sheep. In this time of big efforts, acquired expertise, knowledge and traditions, we have learnt how to best make our organic Manchego cheese, respecting nature, biodiversity and the culture of this land, and to be honest… yes, we are blowing our own trumpet!!

You might guess the reason of our name: Fuentillezjos was given to us long time ago by the Arabs, meaning ‘land of many creeks’. We are located in Poblete (Ciudad Real), in the Campo de Calatrava volcanic zone, one of the largest in Spain. Since more than half a century ago, our family is taking very special care of the surroundings, on the slopes of La Posadilla volcano and quite near to the Guadiana river bends.

We are here today, because our parents have always been in love with countryside life and nature. A feeling they managed to transmit to us. Our first steps were quite spontaneous but today, it all has become our way of life. This strong conviction determined since the beginning our decision of rearing only Manchega sheep in Finca Fuentillezjos, the only breed of our livestock through the years, from whom we make our organic cheese.

From 1996 until 2003 we got the farm ready. We started producing milk and getting to know how to address becoming organic cheese makers for the future.

Now that we have grown, we want to keep on growing together and sharing our ideas with you all. We are keen on improving our organic Manchego cheese more and more, the one we excel at.

queso ecológico manchego
queso ecológico manchego
queso ecológico manchego

They make it possible

queso ecológico manchego

He runs the farm with an iron fist… No!! Although it depends on the day

queso ecológico manchego

With an ocean view… always around selling cheeses, that’s what make us bigger????

queso ecológico manchego

She has a hint of herbs and rosemary. The beanie is only for Winter!

queso ecológico manchego

Busted!! He has just picked a cheese from the tree, at least that’s what he said…

queso ecológico manchego

The way he treats all our babies!! They need to grow up!!

queso ecológico manchego
Like a family

The organic A-team...

queso ecológico manchego
Security service

Do not judge him on his appearance... he does not miss an opportunity...

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